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how to find module info and kernel patches

I have a pure debian testing system with kernel 2.6.17 installed on my system and my network works fine but when I boot knoppix 5.0.1 on the same system I have this strange issue:
My network card is recognized and ifconfig shows that eth0 has an IP but when I try to ping some PC on the network I get no response.
How do I find out what module is loaded for my eth0 card?
How do I find out the hardware setting on debian and knoppix so I can compare them and try to transfer those setting to knoppix and make my network work as it does on debian?
I also would like to replace the kernel in knoppix 5.0.1 with a newer one.
I don't know what patches knopper uses for the knoppix kernel.
Klaus what patches are used for the 5.0.1 kernel and where can I find them?
Are there any issues I should have in mind when replacing the kernel?

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