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Re: ????: Re: Knoppix 6 ?


* Manolis Mathioudakis <manmathiou@yahoo.gr> [060530 21:38]:

>   Also there will be an official debian live cd out soon. What do you think about that? 
>   Why couldn't they just use knoppix instead?

Talked the other day with one of the debian live guys.  And basically he
says, that there are three fundamental differences:
1. compressed image type:  Knopix used cloop, d-l squashfs+unionfs.
2. Hardware detection:  Knoppix uses kudzu, d-l discover2 (to share
   work with the debian-installer people)
3. Installation: Knoppix has the knoppix-hd installer, d-l want
   something debian-installer (or even better: with the graphical
   installer) based to reuse and share as much work as possible.

And since they are interested in porting debian live to more
architectures than i386, there isn't much in common (but the package
selection perhaps).

Yours sincerely,


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