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Persistent home and XFCE4


I'm remastering a Knoppix live-cd, called Artouste (http://www.univ-pau.fr/Artouste), for the university of Pau, France. The goal is to give many sets of software (ie office, internet, scientific, economic,...) to students and researchers. So, they can work in the same environment as the university servers (XFCE4) . After a first success, I'm in charge of a second version with more technical features (wifi,dsl,printing,...) and more softwares (DVD).

I meet the same problem with original or remastered knoppix 4.0.2CD and Knoppix 5.0DVD :
I start the boot with
knoppix lang=fr desktop=xfce4
Once started, I customize XFCE4 environment and create a persistent home (100Mo) on a USB stick.
When rebooting, I start with
knoppix lang=fr desktop=xfce4 home=scan
The knoppix.img is found and I choose to mount it with default options.
When the X server is configured and the desktop (correctly) displayed, the system shuts down immediatly.

This issue is reproductible with original CD and DVD Knoppix.

Could you help me ?

Jacques Hertzberg - Ingénieur de Recherche
Laboratoire de Chimie Structurale - UMR 5624
Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (UPPA)
tél                        : 05 59 40 78 43
secrétariat / fax          : 05 59 40 78 40 / 05 59 40 78 62
adresse                    : IFR - rue Jules Ferry - BP 27540
                          : 64075 PAU CEDEX

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