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Re: Knoppix 4.02CD usb-storage hotplug problem/bug

>>>>> "Klaus" == Klaus Knopper <debian-knoppix@knopper.net> writes:

Klaus> On Sun, Mar 05, 2006 at 04:07:06AM -0800, Russell Senior wrote:
>>  I am trying to fix/workaround a bug in knoppix 4.02CD.
>> I plug a usb-storage device, it gets added to the desktop as
>> /dev/sda1.  I mount it to /mount/data.  I plug a second usb-storage
>> device.  It gets added to the desktop as /dev/sdb1, but /dev/sda1
>> moves to /dev/sdc1.  I now have /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdc1, but the
>> /mount/data still points to /dev/sda1 which doesn't exist anymore.
>> The problem seems to be in /sbin/hotplug-knoppix which does some
>> hard-to-understand contortions.
>> Any ideas on how to fix this?

Klaus> I _think_ it's solved in Knoppix 5.0 because of udev calling
Klaus> the removal script as soon as devices are being unplugged.

I just tried 5.0DVD and the behavior is still wacky.  If I manually
mount the first USB storage device, /dev/sda1, when I plug the second
one, the first mount is removed!  

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