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New linuxrc causing me trouble?

Hi all!

I have been waiting earnestly to get the new Knoppix 5.0 downloaded and got in the meanwhile new minirt.gz package from Knoppix forum. But... linuxrc seems to cause some gray hairs to me.

The good thing:
Now Ctrl-O in Midnight Commander don't clean text in virtual consoles as previously. I thought that to be a kernel configuration problem but testing with old linuxrc from Knoppix 4.0.2 and new from 5.0 gave me the idea what is going on. This has worked in Kanotix but not in Knoppix previously and seems to have nothing to do with kernel.

Bad news:
My soundcard and netcard don't get loaded as previously. I also have only 20 partitions available in hard disk (I have 21 partitions). Everything works fine with old linuxrc with the same kernel version (using now 2.6.15-archck7 kernel) and with my old knoppix-autoconfig file (modified).

I'm sure these things works well when I get all new files that are necessary. At this time I would like to test only linurx (putting cloop.ko and unionfs.ko under /modules as previously) but don't understand what is causing my problems. Differences from my configuration are seen (temporaly) from my site http://tapsa.terae.net/linux/knoppix/temp/linuxrc.patch

Okay, my previous linuxrc was lightly modified using Kanotix as an example but that is not the problem either knoppix-autoconfig as far as I can see.

I have not got the idea putting cloop.ko and unionfs.ko under /boot/modules directory. How can I have different kernels with different minirt.gz files (and different modules sizes) as previously? Example of my system:

LABEL test
KERNEL test/vmlinuz
# linux-2.6.15-archck7 kernel with old linuxrc
APPEND ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=fi apm=power-off vga=791 \ initrd=test/minirt.gz nomce quiet BOOT_IMAGE=knoppix dma

But I have not yet new Knoppix 5.0 . This has been taken care of in that?

Best Regards

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