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Re: cdrdao and k3b:

Hi Stephen,

On Sat, Mar 25, 2006 at 03:44:11PM -0800, Stephen Samuel wrote:
> when you first start k3b, it complains that cdrdao
> is not setuid root, and then starts up a gui front
> end to change that (( but knoppix root has no pw ))
> (cdrdao is setgid cdrom already).
> My solution is:
> chmod u+s `which cdrdao`

Did you check that this is still working with Kernel 2.6.16? The newer
kernels have a strange security feature that does NOT allow certain
ioctls called from uid root.

cdrdao and cdrecord were NOT working in Kernel 2.6.12 when called as the
root user. Something related to buffer locking.

> now, does this actually make a difference, or is
> k3b being a bit pedantic about things.

I think it is a bug in k3b. root privileges are not required in Kernel
2.6.12 and up for burning CDs or DVDs.

> If so, I think
> we (i?) should be looking at a mod to make it shut up
> about the 'problem'.

Or notify the k3b author about the problem. k3b should check if the
device is writable by the user calling k3b, not if programs have certain
suid flags.

-Klaus Knopper

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