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RE: Knoppix/Quantian on Proliant DL360 G3 with 5i Smart Array, hard disks now visible!

Hi all!

Thanks to all who replied and helped me out!

Now I can mount the disk array manually under linux24 and linux26.

Here's the short "How to" compiled from the various emails: 
(this might be useful for someone like me next time around)

'insmod cciss' (doesn't work on linux26, but is already running anyway) 
'cd /dev' 
'MAKEDEV cciss' (this is case-sensitive)
'cat /proc/partitions/'
...	ccicc/c0d0
...	cciss/c0d0p1
...	cciss/c0d0p2

'mkdir /mnt/c0d0p1'
'mount -t ntfs /dev/cciss/c0d0p1 /mnt/c0d0p1'
(same for second partition)

After that I could read the files within the two partitions. 

cd /mnt/c0d0p1
ls -> hey, presto, here are the files/folders!

The kde problem is also easily rectified thanks to Dirks comments:

-start konsole (looks a bit funny)
-select Settings->Schema->Linux Colors
-type 'kdesktop' in konsole window

KDE is up and running, but no icon for the array drives. But they are accessible on the command line in the konsole which is fine for me. If anyone knows how to re-run the hardware detection I'd be happy to know. But that's not so important

Thanks again to all who helped!

Best, Martin

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