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Re: USB via ethernet


Stephen Liu a écrit :


sudo modprobe usbnet && sudo pump -i `dmesg | grep CDC | awk -F: ‘{ print $1; }’`

I'm interested learning more about your command line.
modprobe usbnet # insert usbnet module (USB via ethernet)

pump -i # DHCP request, -i option to precise which interface to use

`dmesg | grep CDC | awk -F: ‘{ print $1; }’` # look in dmesg output in order to find ethernet interface information (eth1 for example)


 To make connection requires
following setup;

1) selecting ethernet card

2) user name/login

3) password
I think your "box" could be use as a modem (require login/password) or as a modem/router (box authenticate itself near your ISP and give you access to the Internet to your LAN with)

You should use the second choice to simplify your config (only DHCP)


Could you please provide more detail.  Tks in advance.
Could you precise which kind of ethernet device you use (USB or normal ethernet) ?
If you use PPP (cf: pppoeconf in KNOPPIX menu) ?

See you


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