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Re: USB via ethernet

Hi Jody,

Tks for your posting.

> This command allow to connect to an "ISPbox" (modem/router + phone +
> tv) 
> and surely for most of ethernet over USB connection:
> sudo modprobe usbnet && sudo pump -i `dmesg | grep CDC | awk -F: ?{ 
> print $1; }?`
> Hope you could use it in netcardconfig, usbnet seems not loaded 
> automatically to bring up ethernet interface.

I'm interested learning more about your command line.

I'm now running Linux on USB Pendrive.  After booting up PC can I use
the above command line connecting ISP to make broadband connection (via
a ADSL modem and telephone line).  To make connection requires
following setup;

1) selecting ethernet card
2) user name/login
3) password

Could you please provide more detail.  Tks in advance.


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