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Re: where to post patches?

>... I ask because I've found a small but significant bug in >knoppix-
autoconfig in the 4.0.2CD version. This bug prevents a >persistent disk
image to mount if the filesystem on which it is >located is formated as
ext2. Specifically:
><     ext3|ext3|reiserfs|xfs) MOUNTOPTS="$MOUNTOPTS,noatime" ;;
>>     ext2|ext3|reiserfs|xfs) MOUNTOPTS="$MOUNTOPTS,noatime" ;;
>- Robert
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Hi Robert,
Thank you for the bug report and the fix.
I found a way to implement this bug fix using
a modified minirt.gz boot ramdisk and the official ISO.
(even though the file to patch is within the ISO)
cf: http://www.knoppix.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=98940#98940
Hope this will help you and others having the same problem.
Best Regards,

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