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Re: admin password

2006/1/20, Stephen Samuel <samnospam@bcgreen.com>:
Thomas Maier wrote:

>Alt F7 is what I do on Debian but I think on Knoppix it is Alt F4
>(Knoppix has less terminals).  FYI, Alt Fx switches terminal screens and
>on one of them X is running.  Regards, Thomas.
>Am Freitag, den 20.01.2006, 03:54 +0800 schrieb mrdaniel:
>>hi ,
>>i had done the date time change and how do i go back to the previous X11 again.
Stephen Samuel +1(604)450-0066             samnospam@bcgreen.com

Alt+F5 to switch  back to X11  again; there are 4 virtual consoles on all the knoppix I've used. But there's an alias
su="sudo su"
in the knoppix profile so you could just use
in an xterm during X session.

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