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boot (grub), fromhd, bootfrom (ISO image), home (knoppix.img = persistent home)


It took a little time to test differents combinaisons of these parameters,
but I like to discover how KNOPPIX works :)

_Procedure_ :

- test with KNOPPIX's little sister Kaella

- tests on ext2 or ext3 partitions.

- /boot with kernel and miniroot on an ext2 partition (hdc1) then on an ext3 partition (hda1),
 GRUB as bootloader on hda1 and hdc1 (hda1 installed after tests on hdc1).

- fromhd with cloop file in KNOPPIX directory, or bootfrom with ISO image.

_Conclusion of test_ :

- *knoppix.img* and/or *bootfrom* an image ISO seem not possible on ext2

- *knoppix.img* and/or *bootfrom* an image ISO seem not possible on same partition as /boot

- We can use *fromhd* on same partition as /boot

- We can boot from a partition (ex: hda1) then hang on an ISO image and knoppix.img on the same partition but other than /boot (ex: hdb2)

- If /KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX cloop file is on same /boot partition and bootfrom failed, KNOPPIX will use cloop instead :)

_bad exemples_ :

nb: /boot on hda1

bootfrom=/dev/hda1/Kaella-Knoppix_Linux_Azur_2.1.iso home=/mnt/hda1
bootfrom=/dev/hda1/Kaella-Knoppix_Linux_Azur_2.1.iso home=/cdrom
fromhd=/dev/hda1 home=/mnt/hda1
fromhd=/dev/hda1 home=/cdrom

_working exemples_ :

nb: /boot on hda1

fromhd=/dev/hda1 home=/mnt/hdb2
bootfrom=/dev/hdb2/Kaella-Knoppix_Linux_Azur_2.1.iso home=/mnt/hdb2

If we use fromhd, icon of partition could not remount in rw because partition is mount on /cdrom
we need to remount by hand to edit /cdrom/boot/grub/menu.lst for exemple:

sudo mount -o remount,rw /cdrom

With bootfrom an ISO image we can remount in rw with icon.


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