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Re: Home persistent: resize image in FAQ & "hand mount" when not detected or not auto mount

On Jan 12, 2006, at 11:00 AM, Jody wrote:
I confirm, knoppix.img is not detected when it is on the same partition than KNOPPIX cloop file (tested with fromhd).

Right. There's a typo in the /etc/init.d/knoppix-auto* file. The cloop file must be on one of the following:
  NTFS, vfat, ext2
Whereas, the persistent disk image (PDI) must be on one of the following:
  NTFS, vfat, ext3, and a few others I cannot recall

So, your choices are:

1) put both files on a vfat (or NTFS although I've had better luck with vfat) 2) put the cloop on an ext2 and the PDI on ext3, NTFS, vfat or one of the other valid FS types.
 3) modify /etc/init.d/knoppix-auto* to include ext2 and remaster

The 3rd option isn't so bad except that the resulting ISO will probably be bigger than the one the Klaus makes. Grep for ext3 (there's only one line that has it) and change one of the ext3's to ext2.

If you need more info, just post to this list.

- Robert
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