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Re: Home persistent: resize image in FAQ & "hand mount" when not detected or not auto mount



I need to do and to note my further tests but it seems to not detect a knoppix.img placed in the same partition than KNOPPIX cloop file running with fromhd.

I confirm, knoppix.img is not detected when it is on the same partition than KNOPPIX cloop file (tested with fromhd).

_Config_ :

hdc is a small and old hard drive (<2Go):

- hdc1 contains KNOPPIX cloop file and /boot directory with grub
- hdc2 contains knoppix.img

*Working* config of grub:
title Kaella fromhd iso
root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/linux-2.6.12 fromhd=/dev/hdc1 home=scan ramdisk=100000 dma acpi=off noapic pnpbios=off pci=bios
initrd /boot/minirt-2.6.12.gz

*Not working*:

I've made some changes to this known working config:

1 - renamed knoppix.img from hdc2 after having copied it on hdc1, home=scan don't detect image on hdc1

2 - same config but home=/cdrom/knoppix.img

3 - same config but home=/dev/hdc1

Hope it could help you.

Ps: this computer although acpi=off noapic pnpbios=off pci=bios don't want to stop or reboot,
there is no matter for me but I report it.

See you,


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