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Home persistent: resize image in FAQ & "hand mount" when not detected or not auto mount

Hi all,

I'm using Knoppix 4.0.2 2005-09-12 in "live-from-hd".

Boot with fromhd parameter and grub as bootloader.

Some in french forum ask how to resize his persistent-home image file,

I've never need it before, but found this tips on knoppix.net, if it's a good way, could you add it in FAQ ?

- hdc2 partition is mount in rw wich contains knoppix.img.

* commands seems to need to be done by root (ie sudo does not allow it)
* knoppix.img should not be mounted

_make image bigger of 100 Mo_ :

dd if=/dev/zero bs=1M count=100 >> /mnt/hdc2/knoppix.img

_check filesystem_:

e2fsck -f /mnt/hdc2/knoppix.img

_resize file_ :

resize2fs /mnt/hdc2/knoppix.img


At this time I could not find how to mount and use a persistent-home by hand,

could someone give some tips to be able to do this when autodetect fails
or when we don't validate its use at boot ?

Happy new year in a better world with Knoppix :)


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