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Re: knoppix 4.02 upgrade

Hi Laszlo,

When I try to start kde, the process is not completed and returns to the start menu. I can run iceWM and terminal and thats all.

I just re-installed knoppix 4.02 and avoided running apt-get upgrade. It is ok now but lately I ran into a problem wherein I cannot use the keyboard. It locked! Though am able to start kde and run it without my keyboard! Am still trying to figure it out.

Best regards.


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Subject: Re: knoppix 4.02 upgrade

On Thursday 29 December 2005 01:10 am, Napoleon Manuel wrote:
> I ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade on my knoppix 4.02 hd
> installation.
>  The problem is I can no longer run  kde on my system. Though am able to
> run iceWM and terminal. Can somebody help me please?

>  Napoleon

Did you receive help on this issue?  Didn't see it until now.  What happens 
when you try  to start kde?debian-knoppix@lists.debian.org

During some upgrades of kde it sometimes takes some hand editing of kdm to 
keep kde working. This was an issue for me a while back while Debian Sarge 
was still Testing, and a major version of kde entered Sarge.

Don't remember why, but somehow one desktop ended up running kde using gdm as 
the window manager instead of kdm.  Since kdm is a rather large config file, 
you may want to try using gdm temporarily, if that works, until you can 
workdebian-knoppix@lists.debian.org your way through the config file of kdm.

Have you checked the logs for errors in XFree86 or whatever the newest 
versions of X knoppix is now using?  Do you have a kdm directory in /var/log?
For example in the desktop where I have gdm as the controlling config file 
even though I'm running kde, I don't have a kdm log file, but I do have a gdm 
directory where I can look for error messages.

Is your sources list correct?

-- Laszlo

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