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Re: Likely illegal programs in Knoppix 4.0.2 CD?

Hi Klaus,

That's a far better exposition that I was going to muster, so thanks
for saving me the effort :-)

> A simple
> print "Hello World!\n";

> in perl, would already violate about 7 existing and granted "software
> patents".

Not doubting you, but I'd like to read the background to this from
reliable sources (i.e. not Slashdot ;-)). This is good bar talk fodder
for my legal chums. (I had hours of fun with my music biz chums when
they woke-up to MP3.)

> If you have read and understood this e-mail, you are subject
> to another patent violation related to formal grammar and interpretation
> issues.

You lost me on that one. Is this $klaus_nationality humour?


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