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Re: Grub option on Debian-style install

>> I want to perform a Debian-style hard disk install of Knoppix v4. The
>> machine currently has grub as boot-loader with XP and Debian
>> installed.
>> When I run the knoppix-installer the boot-loader options are limited
>> to two:
>> - MBR
>> - Partition - to root-partition
>> Clearly, I don't want to overwrite my existing MBR, since I want point
>> to the scrip in Debian's /boot/grub script. However, I don't know what
>> will happen should I select the second option. What I actuallt want to
>> do is add a knoppix line to my existing grub script.
>> How should I proceed? And what does the partition option o?

> Try Boot Magic in XP.

What is Boot Magic and what would I use it for?

As I mentioned, the machine is dual-boot XP and Debian already, it's
only knoppix that I want to install (Debian-style).

> In Deb choose to root partition.

I'm in the Knoppix install, so what are you suggesting I do in Debian?

> Before reboot, check the lilo.conf (boot=/dev/hda?_root_partition) 
> or /etc/boot/grub/menu.list (boot (hd0,?-1_root_partition).
> Run # /sbin/lilo -v if lilo.conf re-edited.

I'm using grub. Even so, I'm at the grub step of knoppix-installer and
have no idea what it will do once I hit the button - apart from
installing knoppix, of course.

Thanks for the input, but I need a more precise answer before I pull
the trigger.


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