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4.0.2: Printer, saving, fonts problems

With 3.7 my HP 1012 printer worked perfectly. It was even identified 
on the right port before being chosen in the list! With 3.9, I had to 
reset the printer. With 4.0.2, I receive a message saying the file 
has been sent to the printer, the printer light blinks once, and 
that's it. lpq says the printer is ready and there is nothing in the 
queue. Resetting the printer after configuration doesn't help.

By default, files from the net are supposed to be saved on the 
Desktop, but they appear instead in /home/knoppix.

In mode 1280x1024, the URL bar fonts have always been small but since 
the introduction of the fabulous "search bar" -- what was wrong 
exactly with searching from the URL bar? -- it seems the font size 
has still decreased so that more than two words can be entered in the 
seach bar, In mode 1600x1200, one might as well attempt to read 
Braille, I suppose.

Isn't there any way to set the fonts at a decent size?

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