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Re: [debian-knoppix] KDE session recreates deleted items

On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 08:20:11AM +0100, gmane@auxbuss.com wrote:
> >> The config and home files are on /dev/hdb1 - I'll move these to USB
> >> storage later. There is a swap on /dev/hdb5
> > When using the persistent knoppix image feature, you don't need
> > home=scan myconfig=scan, because the image containing the home
> > directory and changed system configuration is being searched
> > automatically.
> Ah, thanks, obviously I didn't know. Moan: Knoppix needs - and
> undoubtedly deserves - better docs, imo.

Right. But I have to admit that I believe I'm better at coding than at
documenting, which is a poor excuse for beiny a lazy writer.

Luckily, there seem to be people who voluntarily write books about
Knoppix and other Live CDs, so, I don't really have to do this all by
myself. ;-)

> > If you use boot options anyways, why not just use
> > knoppix screen=1280x1024 instead?
> Because I want things to be as simple as possible for myself and
> others when they use Knoppix on various machines. Screen sizes will
> vary and so a standard startup is required.

Right, that's why Knoppix tries to figure out the optimal screensize on its own, using the DDC information from the monitor in combination with the card information. This works fine for several monitors that provide correct DDC information, but if they don't, the "sane" default of 1024x768 is taken.

You can check with ddcprobe and ddcxinfo-knoppix.

> If all we need is:
>     knoppix fromhd=/dev/hda1
> then life will be pretty darn good :-)

That should be working, if the hardware would just provide correct
information to the OS.

Btw, I have seen monitors claiming they can only do 1x1 pixel resolution
at 1 Million Hertz refresh rate, or 1x1 Million pixel at 0 Hertz. You
got to have a sane default to handle this, und just ignore nonsense
values. mkxf86config and ddcxinfo-knoppix tries to do this.

> > See /etc/X11/Xsession.d/45xsession. The autostart files and icons are
> > always recreated assuming that we are running from a live system located
> > at /cdrom. There should be more checks if this is true, you are right. :-/
> Bah! Boo! Okay, I'll hack the script. That said, surely the extra
> Trash icon is a bug :-o
> Thanks for the info, though, much appreciated.

I would be extremely grateful if you could send a patch with your
changes after you fixed these bugs. :-)

Btw, the new list address is debian-knoppix@lists.debian.org. I
forwarded this mail there, hope you don't mind.

-Klaus Knopper

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