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Re: 4.0.1 cdrom version ?

Klaus Knopper wrote:

>>I was thinking I'd start my remastering off that one rather than the bigger
>>dvd and would appreciate any rough guestimate.
>I could give you access to an intermediate release with the currently
>still unstable unionfs snapshot, which is probably not as big of a
>problem for your remaster as it is for the base Knoppix system where
>package installöation and the printing system is supposed to work
>flawlessly. Most of the other bugs from 4.0.1 should be fixed. Would
>that help?
I have done a remaster from the 4.01 DVD, and it really isn't that
much more trouble than doing it from the CD. Once one has
built the (huge) list of packages to delete....

Klaus, what I would appreciate is your thinking on a what
a real base Knoppix consists of. Do you maintain lists
of the Debian packages which are what you add to a base,
to make either a CD or a DVD?

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