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ogg123 problem

I am referring this with reference to an older version of knoppix which I 
often use.

I wanted to play an ogg encoded file using the ogg123. However I got the 
Cannot open /dev/dsp.
Thinking that arts sound server has got hold of the device I tried
artsdsp ogg123 <oggfile>
But again I got the same message. But this works with SuSE and FC distros.
I tried other options of ogg123 using -d option as per its manual. But with no 
I am using athlon processor and via onboard sound.
I can play sound files using xmms in knoppix 3.4
Has anybody in the list encountered the same problem and found a solution.

Is there a version of Knoppix that has timidity for playing midi files?

Bijon B Shaha

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