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Re: 4.0.1 on AMD64

On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 06:08:01PM +0000, cdr wrote:
> First and foremost, thank you for the long awaited DVD version.
> (It is intriguing to have every piece of software known in this
> quadrant of galaxy present on a single live disk :)
> I would however like to report that it stops at the very
> beginning, on the USB device detection message on my
> MSI RS480M2 Athlon64 board. Same DVD is properly booting on
> my other computers, and Knoppix 3.9 CD boots OK on the same
> Athlon64 board.

That is sad to hear, however, it may be that it is a problem with wrong
interrupt routing in connection with an ACPI bios, or the APIC

Have you tried any or all of the options:
knoppix acpi=off noapic pnpbios=off

At last resort, you could try

knoppix nousb2


knoppix nousb

to disable USB2, or USB completely.

It may well be that a BIOS update would fix the problem. The early 64
athlon boards are known to have bad BIOSes, especially when running in
32bit mode. Since the newer kernels support AMD64 better, maybe some of
the boards components were not even detected in the older KNoppix
versions, and therefore there was no interrupt problem with them.

-Klaus Knopper

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