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Re: [debian-knoppix] Re: Another problem with keyboard in OOo

Le 2 Juin 2004 13:24, baldyeti a écrit :

> composed characters don't work in OOo

«Composed» seems to be the key word.

i just got my CA_enhanced keyboard out of the basement and, in OOo, I can't 
produce èàç, which I can produce with the CA keyboard because, with this 
keyboard, those letters are not "composed", but produced with only one key.

Even more interesting is the case of the  ~ with the CA keyboard. Normally, if 
I press the (right) ALT + ~ , then n, I get ñ . If I press ALT + ~  twice, I 
get ~ But those characters do not appear in OOo in Knoppix becasue they are 

But, I can also get a ~ by pressing the (right) CTRL + ~ key and obtain a ~ in 
one stroke. (I don't have to press twice as with ALT.) In this case, the 
tilde appears in OOo because it is not composed.

So it is a problem with composed characters.

> Kano's reply seem to indicate that knoppix has its own,
> more compact packaging of OOo for space reasons, but it
> would be interesting then to document what's missing when
> comparing to official releases, and to try and and address
> this side-effect with some accented characters...

Maybe OOo has its own module for composing characters that has been left out? 
(Sorry if I'm completely out of whack. This is only a wild guess.) Are 
characters with tilde and diaeresis also composed in german?


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