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Re: [debian-knoppix] Another problem with keyboard in OOo

Gilles Pelletier wrote:

I checked the May 4th 3.4 version of Knoppix ...

I downloaded the May 17th version and I still have the same problem, no circomflex, diaeresis or tilde, only in OOo, only in Knoppix, with the CA keyboard (which is different from the CA_enhanced) . So both keyboards for french Canada are unusable for OOo in Knoppix.

The same applies to the portuguese keyboard: no circumflex, diaeresis or tilde.

I still have all those under other applications, shell, etc. I just does not work in Knoppix's OOo. I already tried all the usual LOCAL export stuff from OOo startup but without any success. The only solution up until now is to uninstall the knoppix version of OOo and reinstall it from the debian archives (actually I do it from the debian CD's)... and the problem goes away.

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