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Re: [debian-knoppix] Call for Software for LinuxTag 2004 DVD

> We are going to produce the LinuxTag 2004 DVD this week, and if anyone
> has a good recommendation of _freely_redistributable_ software that
> could be included, please feel free to post a hint. The software should
> be useful to more than one person, though. ;-)

Great !
I would recommend :
 - gcompris : educationnal games and exercices for children from 2 to 10 year 
old (proprietary equivalent in France : Adibou).
 - tuxpaint : drawing software for children.
 - inkscape : Scalable Vector Graphics Editor (proprietary equivalent : Visio)
 - kbear or gftp : graphical FTP client
 - More games ? ksame, xvier, toppler, etc...

     Yann Cochard, yann@cactuspro.com, http://yanncochard.com/
         Au Cactus Francophone : http://www.cactuspro.com/
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