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Re: timezones WAS [debian-knoppix] Re: Problem writing sone charaters with OO

Gilles Pelletier wrote:

Also, my time is not set correctly. It's the first time I ever encounter problems with Knoppix. And again, it seems I'm the only one... I don't understand what's going on.


I put in a patch which went into 3.4, but as I didn't put in the -u for diff (yes it's still engraved in my eyeball) Klaus had to apply it manually. Where someone is using a TZ= cheatcode to set the timezone, I still don't believe the clock will be set correctly as hwlock is called before the TZ cheatcode is read. If required I'll submit a proper patch when I ever get a chance to boot into knoppix, but it's trivial, move the export of TZ and the running of hwclock so they occur (in that order) after the TZ cheatcode is picked up.

Of course this may not be Gilles problem!

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