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[debian-knoppix] knoppix on a book-size-PC from Lex?


I have here a booksize-PC from Lex Systems with a VIA C3-Processor.
I am very surprised, but the latest knoppix is unable to boot from
Currently, there is no hard drive attached. The CDROM (IDE) is on
/dev/hdb; the hard drive would be /dev/hdc.
With the boot, I can see that the bootprocess detects 253 of 256MB
RAM, that's fine with me. It finds the centaur VIA Samuel 2
Processor (533Mhz), IDE (VIA vt82c686b)-Controller, but later it
fails to insmod cloop.o. 

I can see at last: 
Acessing KNOPPIX CDROM at /dev/hdb.../modules/cloop.o: init_module:
Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters,
including invalid IO or IRQ parameters

And it brings me in the rescue-shell.

Unfortunately, there is no support for serial consoles in the
default-knoppix-CD so I can not give you all boot-messages right
away. But if you are interested, I can try to fetch them over the

A normal Debian-BootCD has no problems booting and installing a
system on the hard drive so I guess the hardware itself is intact.
Any hints what might be wrong?

Ciao, Hanno
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