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Re: [debian-knoppix] ntpdate at start up?

On Tuesday, 04 May 2004, lists1 schrieb:

Hallo lists1,

> how can I set knoppix to run ntpdate at start up?  Where do I put the file?
> I created the following, called ntpdate, and put it into cron.daily:
> #!/bin/sh
> ntpdate -s -u ntp0.InsertNameOfOrgHere.edu
> I made the file executable (It's my first script).
> Is this correct? (I have the name of the org changed to the correct address)  
It's a good start;-)
> What can I add to it so that I can log it to the system log?
But the debian way is a bit different;-(

Version 1:
apt-get update ; apt-get install ntp
(This will install the Debian ntp Demon, starting at boottime)

Version 2: 
read /etc/init.d/README carefully and make your own boot script(s).....
cave: Knoppix default boot level is not 2, i think it's 5

Version 3:
Add a line to /etc/crontab:
@reboot root ntpdate -s -u ntp0.InsertNameOfOrgHere.edu

V1 is the simplest and the official way, 
V2 is much more difficult, but I think you want to lern something, and it's
really powerful if you now how to use the init script system of Debian,
V3 is not well documented... But sometimes helpful..... And I don't know if
if works with ntp... 


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