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[debian-knoppix] Knoppix the reanimator // what to take out for 3.4

Knoppix brought my laptop back to life as well - got exactly the same
problem, dodgy IDE connector which I tried to get fixed but to no avail

So with Knoppix I was able to use the machine immediately with the live
CD, and then later I installed to an external firewire drive once I'd
learnt how to boot using the CD and pivot_root to the root file system
on sda1.  Try doing that with windows ;)

WRT suggestions on what should go, I too think that one of the office
suites should be dropped (but which one, Koffice?).  Are there
compelling reasons for not ditching the 2.4 kernel?  I think some (if
not all) of the games should stay - I mention them as some people have
said they're unnecessary.  I disagree - they have to be the best way of
getting certain audiences initially interested in Knoppix and GNU/Linux.
BTW on knoppix.net we are now on page 16 of the discussion on what could
be removed

Anyway for me personally, I'll be installing to HD and so can apt-get
install anything missing afterwards - what I'm really after is the new
kernel :)

Cheers everyone, especially Klaus, looking forward to the new Knoppix
when it's *ready* (already I've grown more patient - no more checking
the knoppix.net or the FTP sites every few hours).

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desiderata (was Re: [debian-knoppix] Is Knoppix dead?) 
Andrea Trentini trentini@dico.unimi.it 
Wed, 21 Apr 2004 11:56:18 +0200 

Nicholas Vettese wrote:
> If you are installing Knoppix to a hard drive, what is the difference?

> Just do an apt-get, and you will be good to go.  Also, if you will not

> be installing it to a hard drive, can't you create a persistent 
> directory and apt-get it from there?

but you're not always connected ;)

also, I use Knoppix as an operating system to revitalize
a notebook with a broken IDE connector (on the MB, it's
not replaceable without swapping the MB itself)
so that it's still useable as a standard notebook
(almost never connected to the Net)
so I'm trying to vote for applications I currently
use... ;)


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