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[debian-knoppix] Solid state Knoppix - BI OS integration

        If you don't mind making a mod to the inside of your box, you can
get a PC Engines CF->IDE adapter and a suitable sized CF card, and run it
as your boot drive.  Once adapted the CF card looks like a regular hard
drive and BIOS's boot straight off em.

        - Chad


Projects like freebios & openbios & linuxbios & devbios seems
to be what you want: a cool linux-bios instead of your.
AFAIK it works only for a small number of motherboards

Maybe i misunderstood your message, but I thought that it was possible
 to boot on usb device if the Bios is able to boot from usb-zip.



Thanks Chad and Alain :-)

Will have to look up CF as I do not know what this is.
Have you done this?
Do not have the ability (but will look into this)
Is the USB-zip boot facility standard on PC motherboards
of the last two years?

The idea is really (though I could not code/script it) to have a
Knoppix Linux distro on a USB mem stick with a few programs

something like here (with all the other 60 specialist Knoppix distros)

Such a system could use any modern machine and provide
a personal environment with saved files carried on a key ring

That is my idea of plug and play . . .


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