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[debian-knoppix] make bootdisk for booting from usb

I want to install Knoppix on a external USB-HDD.
My problem is that the mainboard BIOS doesn't support booting via USB.
So I want to make a special boot CD or floppy that does the boot process and 
loads the usb modules. After that the system operation should be handed over 
to the installed OS.
I tried to make the boot disk like described at: 

But I din't succeed in making the new modified boot.img. Do you have a hint 
how I can make my disk with the changed files (in a certain directory) 
mkisofs -... ?

At the end I want to have a full running system on a usb drive that I will be 
able to plug in anywhere. That's why I don't try to use a bootloader like 
LiLo or grub (even don't know if these could make the pc boot from usb).
There are already some posts:

Did anyone succeed in boot on a without BIOS-support from USB?

Thanks for your help

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