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[debian-knoppix] Fwd: Re: Solid state Knoppix - BI OS integration

if we had > Thank you for telling us.
> These USB keys are becoming much cheaper
> BUT as far as I am aware the ability to Boot from BIOS
> is not yet standard.

AFAIK it isn't :(

> Perhaps a combination of disk and USB key?

Do you mean floppy+key?
Yes, it should work (and somewhere I found an article
explaining how to do it, I don't have it handy at the moment),
*but* I'm not sure a _single_ floppy can hold both the kernel
and the drivers (modules) needed to boot a complete system,
I'm afraid you need at least two floppies.

> Lobster
> PS. Been using XBasic on the Kerramix KDE
> Knoppix on my Hard disk and would like (again)
> to thank Klaus and the other developers who work so hard to
> produce versions of Linux we all want to use and enjoy :-)

You're sending mail in PVT to me :)
Feel free to forward this response to the list :)


Well I know it is possible to initiate the boot sequence from a single floppy
the rest can occur from the USB device

The thing is really the BIOS people have done nothing much
to catch virus writers and other in suspense progs

Are there flash bioses where you can put your own bios in?

The beauty of the USB device and a system working from CD
is clean CD then clean data being saved onto USB

the other possibility is as most computers are fitted with writable CD's
is multiple copies of Knoppix (one per project) which boot into a write
CD environment.

I believe someone was working on an education project like this?

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