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[debian-knoppix] Accesing a DSL modem through a serial port

I have a Gnet BB0060 modem and I can't access it through the http interface. 
Since there is no reset button, I was told to access it through the serial 
port to make the reset.

So I got myself a serial cable, used 38000 bauds, 8N1 and software flow 
control either in minicom or Kppp (setup - device, then modem - terminal ) 
and the following message scrolls continuously:

Error returned from Gag: 19468
CfgInit: Gag Request Failed for MO Id :0  Operation :Create

Any idea on how to solve this problem? I first tried with Slackware then, 
thinking it might be a problem with my configiration, reverted to good old 
Knoppix... only to get the same message.

Somebody at Gnet tells me they have no problem accessing the modem with Red 

Thanks in advance!

Gilles Pelletier
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