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[debian-knoppix] Portable embedded distro

usb is quite slow. it takes ~5 minutes to trasfer a 180mb file.
try this:
# sync; date; dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/x bs=1M count=180; sync; date
it takes about 7s seconds on my dma100 harddisk. an this:
# sync; date; dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/x bs=1M count=1800; sync; date
takes 58s seconds
now try the same thing with your usb-stick (usually /dev/sda1), enjoy :-)

floppy emulation emulates the original floppy-speed, too - at leas the
transcend usb-stick does so :-( - but when kernel and initrd are loaded,
you're back at full speed :-)

Ah OK - now I see the bottleneck . . .

> >you'll need a quite stripped down knoppix, but it works.
> Is there one available on the Net or did you create or your own?

I made my own (180 mb .. :-) )

Good for you
I am not up to that yet
(still doing my Linux programming on Windows)

You'll need to modify miniroot.gz: add the usb-modules, modify some lines in
linuxrc. there's a paper about that - "Boot KNOPPIX from an USB Memory Stick"

Now we are cooking . . .
Thanks for that link

> For example I would like to run Xbasic
> from such a system would this be workable?

yes. if you are patient .. ;-)


I'm not.

I think back to my original idea which is a PCI battery backed up
Ram Card.

Can you see where I am going with this?
Solid state memory -
what do we need hard disks for except as cheap storage and backup?

Some laptops have a resume function
that uses trickle charge to always keep
the ram active and a non volatile ram is under development
- meanwhile . . .
Has anyone done this to your knowledge?

(Is it possible to boot from a  PCI card?)

> Arcos Multimedia jukebox
> about $500 (but maybe less now)
> it is really a hard disk in a secure
> case with built in music and video decoding software.
> Many companies are doing similar devices.
> He is already running out of space and I have suggested
> keeping 5 gig on a hard disk and uploading that.

ah, yes. I've seen something simillar on the msi website.


40 gig becomes small - once you get all your CD's on there
you want to add your DVD collection . . .

m m m . . .

uses for them hard drives continues . . .

"If you can do it
- you ain't trying"
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