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Re: [debian-knoppix] knopper.com

Hallo ,

knopper.com has nothing to do with KNOPPIX, there are probably more
people out there named knopper! (ever tried whitehouse.com? Another
"misuse" of an already existing address:-)

To me it looks like another portal. I can not see any hints to
knoppix/gnu/linux. The reason it is for sale makes it quite unlikely
that it is Bill's idea. He would NOT sell it, I guess.

I like to point out that this is my personal opinon I got from just
going to that address.



> I tried 'knopper.com' from i'net explorer a bit ago (don't like to use
> ms, but the us gov' is in bed with the trash). To me, the following
> details are interesting:
>    1. The resulting page locked me into a loop that begins with a
>    request to make the page my home page. The only way I could get out
>    of the loop was to end     the browser task from the task list.
>    2. The registrar for the site is in Redmond, WA, i.e.,  the site of
>    microsoft's headquarters.
>    3. At the top of the list of url tags is 'For Sale - Contact Us'.
>    Presumably, it's the url that's for sale.
> Another one of crazy bill's pranks?

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