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Re: [debian-knoppix] Open accounting and Open source

On April 28, 2003 09:31 am, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo wrote:

>   I'm replaying here to you and Christian Perle. I don't want to
> repeat twice the same in the same thread :)

No problemo. Excuse my spanish :)

Here are a few considerations about your long post.

To me, once installed on HD (which I haven't done yet because the old 
version I have still had a few problems. But I'll have HS internet 
soon), Knoppix does exactly the same job as Debian. If there are some 
packages I don't need I'll just scrap them.

OTOH, the fact that the distro has to be condensed on one CD is also 
an advantage to newbies: they don't have to make software choices 
amongst the content of 6 CDs. They get into Linux faster. When people 
consider there is a better application, they voice their concern here 
and, if Klaus is not aware of this soft, he tries it. If he likes it 
better, he makes the change. If not, he doesn't.

To me and most beginners, having no choice is mainly an advantage. 
Having 6 CD at hand is only useful for people who know very well all 
the applications, almost systematically choose those that are not 
mainstream or have very specific needs, and don't have a high speed 
internet connection.

So, all depends on the opinion of one man but I'd rather have this 
than no choice made at all. I for one certainly prefer Galeon to 
Mozilla. So, I'll apt-get Galeon. I can put up a list of my prefered 
applications on my site and if some people find that my choices are 
the same as theirs they will test the other ones on my list.

As for experts prefering an automatic installation, I htink the same 
as you. Experts are often in a hurry and they'd rather have 
installation take a few minutes than 2 hours searching refresh rates 
for a monitor or what kind of settings a mobo needs. If anything 
doesn't suit them, they can tweak it afterwards.

As for your invitation to collaboration with Debian and Metadistros, I 
can't speak for Klaus, I suppose he will consider it, and certainly, 
he will take from you everything he can steal (as Bob Dylan puts it 
:), but maintaining Knoppix is already a hell of a job, and that's 
where his efforts are going to bear, I believe. He already has a 
whole lot of chipsets detected, but if he forgot one, I suppose you 
can tell him.

For NOW, he ALONE has put out a product that works pretty much 
perfectly, so he'll have to consider if collaboration will make his 
efforts more productive. Of course, the temperature in Andalucia is 
so much better than in Germany in April. Maybe you should invite him 

So, if Klaus ever "refuse to collaborate" in Anadalucia in April, my 
advice would be: take from him everything you can steal. See if you 
can make it any better. It's open source and it's the name of the 

La Masse critique
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