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Re: [debian-knoppix] Booting in text mode

Pablo Zuccarino (Kernel Consultores) wrote:
I am trying to remaster an ISO with some own configs, and less packages than the original; just for having a DNS, but i don´t want it to boot in graphical mode, just text mode.

you dont need to remaster for that. just set up your DNS, then run
saveconfig. and store it on a floppy. you can later burn the two files
from the floppy on the CD-R too.

you can also run any commands you want by editing knoppix.sh that is
generated by the above procedure.

Is it possible to config my new ISO image to do that, have a DNS working and in text mode? And what should i do to aquire that?
Thanks, bst rgs,

just add a "2" on every APPEND line in syslinux.cfg on the bootfloppy
(boot.img on the CD)


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