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Re: [debian-knoppix] Boot from USB stick

On Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 06:07:38PM +0200, Andreas Schockenhoff wrote:
> > Yes, but I'm afraid BIOS manufacturers are making their own "standards"
> > for booting USB devices...
> I have checked a Phoenix and a Intel BIOS (I think AMI based) both work
> fine. I have problems with a Award BIOS. (A older one.)
> I use install-mbr for the boot sector. Very nice mini bootloader. :-) 
> Better than fdisk /mbr. :-)
> Syslinux for the boot partition. I have booted and run a complete KNOPPIX 
> from USB HD. (250GB :-)

But you modified the kernel for this, to have usb-storage compiled in,
or in an initrd, right?

> Today I have seen a small Harddisk that use power from USB. (No external
> power supply, 40G USB 2.0) 
> So I am waiting for the new kernel with USB 2.0. 

Uhm, AFAIK the current 2.4.20 kernel handles USB 2.0 devices well,
provided that you have an USB 2.0-capable controller (!) chipset.
usb-ehci should be part of usb-ohci, and takes care of highspeed USB

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Many Notebooks (even current ones) only support USB 1.x, though.

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