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Re: [debian-knoppix] remote x display

Ian Robinson wrote:
> Komal wrote:
>>I am using knoppix 3.1 and ssh server . I can login from windows machine
>>using putty application but unable to startx X session. pls guide me
>>thanking you
> I like VNC for remote access to a Linux machine. It is easy to set up and > quite robust. VNC was developed at AT&T and published open-source. You can
> read about it here: http://www.uk.research.att.com/vnc/index.html
> Enjoy,

and not to forget, there are servers and viewers on knoppix.
use x0rfbserver to export the current display. (or in the 3.2 knoppix there is also an "export display" program somewhere in the menus)

x0rfbviewer or xvncviewer can be used to view a desktop.
the windows viewer and server are available from the address mentioned above, but the original VNC team has its new home at http://realvnc.org


PS: if you want to use VNC over the internet, then its sugested to tunnel it with SSH because of security reasons.

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