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[debian-knoppix] Embedding md5's in iso's...

As reliable as most hardware is, corruption from bad ram and erratic i/o
is a definite risk anytime a CD is copied. To help prevent damaged ones
from spreading, I've been encouraging the CD swappers at my local LUG to
start embedding MD5 checksums into their downloaded iso images. With the
checksum on the media itself, the initial and next generation copies can
be easily verified against the original iso image.

Red Hat has generously provided two small utilities in Anaconda 9 that
do this very nicely. The technique involves scanning the CD user data,
then writing the MD5 to the Application Data Area of the CD. It works on
Knoppix iso images and running CDs... so I've added a README and made
the package available here for anyone who might be interested:


Best regards,

-Tom Lisjac

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