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Re: [debian-knoppix] Making a boot CDROM

Hallo Pablo,

> Hi, i am new in this list and a newsbie, so i need some help, or a
> lot. I´m trying to get Knoppix 3.2 installed on my HD, and configured
> as a Firewall,

I would not recommend useing KNOPPIX as a firewall, because there is too
much software on it. There are other packages arround! fli4li and
bbiagent both run from floppy. IPCops runs from HD and has a nice
Web-Interface. Gibraltar is a firewall based on DEBIAN;-), running from
CD. Netboz is based on BSD and running from CD as well, but does not
support so much hardware. 

If you want to use knoppix, you have to remove a lot of sw and maybe
install some scripts to work with iptables more easily. Scripts I found
are firehol, firewall-jay and fiaif. There are others around, of course.
This sw can be easily found by google, most things are hosted at
sourceforge, for I don't know the urls.

To remaster knoppix there are some projects around, look at my homepage
http://www.ing-buero-unger.de/prj/knx/index.html There are a script and
references to two other projects.

In order to work with these scripts YOU must know how to install
packages with debian (apt-get install/remove, dpkg)!

>and DNS server. First step is done, using knx-hdinstall; and i guess
>that setting all that is asked when finishing the script
>(knx-hdinstall) as IP, etc. should work, at last acceding the internet,
>and local network (i´m guessing because i haven´t done that yet). 
> Well, the question is how can i set my own configuration (for
> firewalling, uninstall/install desired packages, etc.) and then make
> an ISO image with that info and record it to a CDROM. The point is
> being able to boot from that "new" CDROM with Knoppix as OS and the
> personal configs said above. 

Once you have put KNOPPIX to HD, you can not configure it and put it
back to CD, at least not as easily as you might thing:-((
Read selflinux shipped with knoppix!

Hope that helps


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