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[debian-knoppix] nepaLINUX

NepaLINUX, pronounced "Nepali-nux" will be the first OS to support the Nepali font with an
interface in Nepali and English. It will run from cdrom on any PC compatible computer, and made
freely available under the GNU GPL. 

NepaLINUX will be created from a modified version of Knoppix. I have registered for the
debian-knoppix mailing list, and we are asking for help with the project. The first thing that we
need help with is adding the Nepali fonts if they are already not part of Knoppix.  The fonts can
be downloaded from my webpage at www.initialprairiedog.com under the NepaLINUX section.

NepaLINUX will target Internet Cafes in its design. NepaLINUX will not be targeted for use as a
server. Most severs of Internet Cafes in Nepal require software modems, and Linux support of
software modems is poor. Instead, we will include on the NepaLINUX cdrom, an open source DHCP
server for Windows, so that a Windows machine can be used as the Internet server. 

The purpose of NepaLINUX is to replace Windows98 on all the Internet surfing desktops. NepaLINUX
will be much more practical than Windows98 for Internet desktops because: networking is automatic,
users can not make changes or destroy the system, viruses can not infect the system,
administration and maintenance is not required. 

Silicon Village in Chitwan will be the first Cafe to test NepaLINUX. Silicon Village and
Ganeshas-Project.org is working with me to help develop NepaLINUX. If you would like to sign up
for beta testing, or the development team, please send an email to bhartsho@yahoo.com 

The Alpha phase will involve the following tasks: 

1*. Add the Nepali fonts to the Knoppix CVS. They can be downloaded from www.initialprairiedog.com

2. Remove some applications from Knoppix to make space for a Windows DHCP server. 

3. Create a minimal interface in Nepali. 

* everything after "1" is part of the patch 

After the first Alpha complete we will burn cdroms and distribute them to all the Internet Cafe's
in Chitwan. We may also distribute some cdroms to Cafe's in Kathmandu. 

-brett hartshorn

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