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[debian-knoppix] Making a boot CDROM

Hi, i am new in this list and a newsbie, so i need some help, or a lot. I´m trying to get Knoppix 3.2 installed on my HD, and configured as a Firewall, and DNS server. First step is done, using knx-hdinstall; and i guess that setting all that is asked when finishing the script (knx-hdinstall) as IP, etc. should work, at last acceding the internet, and local network (i´m guessing because i haven´t done that yet).
Well, the question is how can i set my own configuration (for firewalling, uninstall/install desired packages, etc.) and then make an ISO image with that info and record it to a CDROM. The point is being able to boot from that "new" CDROM with Knoppix as OS and the personal configs said above.
If someone could help it will be great (or tell me where to find guidelines for aquiring that)
Thank you.

Best Regards,

Pablo Zuccarino.

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