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Re: [debian-knoppix] Dell computers

  I have a similar problem with my Dimension 4550 with a Radeon 9700 video
card. It does not occur on my Dell laptop with an ATI Rage Mobility or my
Dell desktop with an nVidia Riva card. It also does not occur with any other
Linux distro, so it is something to do with the way Knoppix works (perhaps the 
way it probes the card?). :-(

  I offered awhile back to provide whatever info I could to help solve the
problem, but never got a response.

  Anyway, there is an easier way to clear the video card's vram. Unplug your
machine for 10-30 sec, then plug it back in (you must unplug, not just turn


On Monday 07 April 2003 08:16 pm, Michael Grenier wrote:

> The video must be one of these:
> 32MB, ATI, Radeon^(TM) VE,VGA (dual monitor capable)
> 32MB, ATI, Radeon^(TM) VE, VGA/DVI (dual monitor capable)
> Any ideas as to what to try. Its a pain ripping the video cards out and
> I can't understand
> how Knoppix messes up the computer to the point that even the BIOS
> doesn't display (yes,
> even when I pull the CD out and attempt to boot)
>    -Mike
>      mwgrenier@yahoo.com

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