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Re: [debian-knoppix] Dell computers

On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 07:16:53PM -0500, Michael Grenier wrote:
> I've been running Knoppix 3.2 3-28-03.en version and it seems to run great
> everywhere but on the Dell computers which I'm using at work.
> When booting from the CDROM, all looks good until it starts the X server.
> At that point, the screen goes blank. Now here is what's interesting.....
> If I power down and reboot, I can not even get the BIOS screen to come up
> on the computer. I have to pull the video card out of the box and use 
> the onboard
> video to recover. It seems to run OK with the onboard video.
> Since the screen goes blank, I do not have a good record of the errors.
> It has dies consistently on a couple different versions of the Dell 
> Optiplex line. The last one I tested was the older Dell Optiplex GX260 

I would recommend not buying any of these machines. There are repeatedly
reported hardware bugs, for example, if you do a software poweroff, the
machine won't start up again unless you unplug it completely for some
time. It is a design flaw in the ram controller that does not recover
from a software poweroff.

As far as I was told, Dell already knows about this error. I don't know
whether they plan to do anything about it or not.

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