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Re: [debian-knoppix] questions / suggestions

On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 11:50:54PM -0600, Bill Eastman wrote:
> I booted Knoppix 3.2 on my notebook, with my wireless card installed.  I
> have WEP enabled.  Because WEP is enabled, I don't get an IP (I didn't
> epect to get one).  I go to a root terminal window, and typed 
> ifconfig eth0 up.  I then switched to /hda2/home/bill and ran a script I
> have, which sets the WEP based on the essid (iwgetid | grep).  I then
> discovered that Knoppix still uses pump (for whatever reason).  Red Hat
> has gone to using dhclient, which is what is in the script I ran.  After
> I ran pump manually, I got an error 110 setting multicast list.

>From all of my tests, pump seems to be more reliable than dhcpcd. Maybe
just because it broadcasts more often.

> If you need any additional information to fix this problem, please let
> me know what it is, and I'll post it.

Well, an error analysis and a possible solution would be nice.

What about setting the WEP ancryption key with
iwconfig eth0 enc MY-SECRET-WEP-KEY
in your script before restarting pump?

> Another problem (that I'm going to try to fix on Red Hat 9) is that I
> have a USB 20 gig hard drive made by Buslink.  I was surfing and see
> that a driver is available for Linux.  It doesn't just work.  If I get
> it working in RH 9, would it be possible to include the driver on a
> version of Knoppix?  I know it really depends on the license, which I
> will read.

Everything that works with Linux (I'm talking of the current official 2.4.20
kernel here) should be autodetected. I don't know how many patches are
included in other kernels, but as for my part, I favour stability over
new experimental features, and therefore would just wait until new
drivers are officially included in the Linux kernel.

Hardware manufacturers should send their OpenSource drivers to the
kernel developers for inclusion. IMHO, that's the only reliable way.

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