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Re: [debian-knoppix] Knoppix 3.2 bugs/suggestions

On Tue, Mar 18, 2003 at 03:29:33PM +0100, Christian Perle wrote:
> Hi Klaus and all,
> I just got my copy of Knoppix 3.2. Very nice, especially the extended
> "save config" and "persistent home" features!
> Other things I noticed:
> * w3m is gone. I'd rather kick links off the CD and have w3m included
>   again.

Well, but I like links/elinks better, for instance.

> * Parts of teTeX are broken. Binaries linked against the kpathsea
>   library do not work as expected. Try dvips and xdvi for example.

I did not notice this yet. How do they not work as expected?

> * icewm eats up all memory and won't start.

If you boot with desktop=icewm ?! I thought I had tested this

> * The kernel is still compiled with CONFIG_PARTITION_ADVANCED. In some
>   cases, the kernel detects the partition table wrong, making it
>   impossible to access hard drives. I would suggest to leave out at
>   least "Acorn partition support", maybe others too.

Do you have a different image? On the CeBIT CD, Acorn partition support
is NOT compiled in.

> * In many situations one wants to edit a single config file in /etc
>   which is linked to /KNOPPIX/etc. The obvious procedure is to replace
>   the symlink with the regular file it points to and than edit the
>   file. I wrote a small script "changeconf" for this task and would
>   like to have it included in future versions of Knoppix:

I'd rather prefer vim to have a "force overwrite" mode in which it
deletes (or renames) the original file before saving a new one. Anyone
knows if this is possible?

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