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[debian-knoppix] Re: Knoppix Printing?


Knoppix uses 'cups' printing by default - which is very easy to control
thru kde's control panel - I use lprng, because i am old fashioned, and
have other systems set up to access the printer.

Knoppix may have already sniffed out your printer for you - otherwise
just enter the info thru KDE.

One gotcha i found with KDE's printer setup is that it offered me
/dev/lp1 as my lpt port - linux really wants /dev/lp0 if you are
printing to the first parallel port.

Otherwise, cups or lprng  are easy to set up with KDE.

I sometimes used to use an english accent to impress gals - but not
often since i got out of hi school.  I am the guy who brings the free
books and passes out the tickets for the doorprizes.  Also have a
habit of wearing hawaiian shirts when the weather is warmer.

Among cluebies, I am one of the louder proponents of knoppix; best
distro since yggdrasil - although the most used hdd for my laptop
still boots mandrake. (only because it is totally tweaked, and I am too
busy / lazy to replace it)


On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 06:49:42AM -1000, Joe Linux wrote:
> I would eventually like to do a HD install.  Actually it runs well off 
> the CD, but what about printing.  Can you tell me easily or direct me to 
> a web location that has information on how to get the printer going?  I 
> have an HP 870Cse. I'm going out now, it's 6:45 AM HST and I won't be 
> back until later today.   Knoppix seems to be one of the best Linux 
> distributions there is.  I'm trying to sort out who is who in the Denver 
> group.  I got a free Knoppix from a tall guy with a British or 
> Australian accent in Denver.  Is that you by any chance?
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