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[debian-knoppix] tab completion without a real OS


Not sure about the icons, but cygwin is a good tool. 

cygwin can be run from a connand line to execute real bash scripts.

Just wish I had something easy to run/install a little cygwin
environment.  Since i often get paid to work on OS deprived boxen.


On Sun, Mar 09, 2003 at 10:30:28PM +0000, Peter -lastfuture- Marquardt wrote:
> > And you gotta love tab completion - i catch myself hitting tab on MS
> > boxes, and expecting it to work.
> heh me, too. i also often type ls and use "/" instead of "\" in paths.
> but i guess in future i'll stick to the OS that knows what i'm typing
> anyways ;)
> btw is there a way to label items in the kde panel? i don't want to
> "scrub" about every item having the same icon like a few others just to
> find out which one it is i want. (in case you wonder, i plan to put my
> most important folders there)

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